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Well, through a weird happenstance, I rant into my boss person yesterday, and learned that he'd run into my soon-to-be boss person and had learned from her the rough outline of my schedule for next year.

She's planning on using me in the morning, not the afternoon, so that means I won't have my beloved Level 2 class next year when I'm at my original school.

See, originally, we had thought she would use me in the afternoons, and I'd keep my Level 2s in the morning, then travel to the new school and see my new Level 1s. But, she is adopting block scheduling (Ugh), and needs me in the morning.

That means my original boss person has hired a new teacher, and she gets my Level 2 classes, and I get a handful of odds and ends in the afternoon. Yeah, I'm a bit thrown, and yeah, I am a bit resentful. But, I also recognize it's nothing I have control over. I just didn't expect that the transition would happen so soon, and that it would make me feel like I'm being pushed out instead of transitioning out.

I mean, I signed on for this, but knew I'd be working at this school for a few more years until the new school has a full load for me.

So, I think what I'm saying is that I've just learned my position in the heirarchy of teachers at that school has been decimated, and I'm at a loss as to where I do fit, new school or old. I applied for this new position to stop being a second fiddle, and now I feel like I might be a third fiddle or even an alternate.

It sucks.


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