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Nov. 30th, 2005 01:13 pm
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I certainly won't reach the audience that W_W does, but I'm interested in meeting up with a bunch of folks to go see Aeon Flux Friday night. (Friday, because I am on duty Saturday.) I've already poked around, and it's at the Northgate 14 at 7:45 and 10pm. It's at the Rave 18 at 7:30 and 10:10pm. It is not (big surprise) at the Bijou.

If you are interested and want to go, let me know. If you want to bring friends, post this in your journal and we'll see which theatre and showing works for the most people.

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Wicked_Wish will be leaving us by the Summer. Poopsicles.

I have this idea to try and get a bit of an LJ-community going to help those of us who mainly know only W_W get out and about more. I think we should get to know each other before she and Moriarty6 skip town. And, we all have a bit of an idea who folks are as it is, so I'm not sure that it needs to be on a currently existing Chatta community (though I could be wrong, and am willing to hear arguments otherwise), partly because this is a strange live music, gaming, scifi/fantasy reading, alternative movie-going group of folks.


I'm looking for suggestions for a name (No, I won't name it after any of the Elder Gods, thank you), thoughts about whether or not this will do us any good, and polite commentary. Impolite commentary, while titillating, will probably be deleted.

The first activity I want to propose is a meet-up to go see Aeon Flux Friday night, followed by possibly bashing of the film over drinks or coffee. Just fyi.

Now, thoughts?


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