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The Adorable Puppy has colitis-- which seems to be a generic term the vets are using to describe chronic and/or persistent diarrhea. With blood present. Caused by gas, which may or may not be caused by a food injury. We've been given drugs (twice now) and had x-rays. No evidence of tumors or symptoms of lymph swelling or anything that would indicate cancer.

Just massive, massive gas, resulting in cramping and the aforementioned Big D. I am fucking sick of scrubbing my carpet. I cannot afford to have Stamley Steemer come, because I have spent any extraneous part of my budget paying for the vet's bills.

I am exhausted. I had 5 hours of sleep last night, and 4 the night before, because I keep launching myself out of bed to let the Puppy outside.

And now, I have to go take a shower and try to be at a faculty meeting by 8 am.

Please pray for the dog to get better. I can't take much more.

EDIT: I meant to say "food allergy." That's the vets' current and prevailing theory. They did the x-rays to make sure that it wasn't cancer, an obstruction, or a twisted up intestine. The bouts do get worse when I walk him (so, I guess, none of that for a bit, since I don't have a yard and can't leave him out after) and I've put a call into the doctor to see if that particular cause+effect signals any different information.

The current bout seems to be over for the time being. I have agreed to supervise a reverse suspension day on 12/16 (8a-2p) to help with the expense.


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