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Please consider for your own or perhaps think of someone else who might love this dog:

I mentioned a puppy in May- that would potentially be needing a new home. That day has come. Her owners are moving, and cannot take her with them. She's an approximately 6-7 month old black lab mix.

Molly's circumstances are a bit odd, in that she's spent her entire life chained to stumps of varying sizes. She's used to getting tangled in them, and us coming to rescue her, while her owners are working. We've even had to take her food and water over the past few months. She's never been to a vet either.

But don't let these circumstances fool you, she's just as sweet of a dog as anyone could ever ask for. I won't say she's perfect, she's had absolutely no training whatsoever. Apparently she's been chewing on the door frame of one of the apartments (she has nothing out there to chew on though).

With some love, and some obedience training, I think Molly would make a WONDERFUL dog for someone. In a perfect world, we'd get our settlement money today, buy a house with land- and take her with us. But reality is often much less than perfect.

If you know of anyone interested in adopting Molly, please e-mail me, or have them e-mail me at: revjim_holly@yahoo.com (Please put "Molly" in the subject line, so we'll see the e-mail immediately.)

Thanks to the donations of the people that found us via [livejournal.com profile] cmpriest and a previous donation, we were able to take Molly for a full physical examination today. While she wanted to wrestle with me in the back seat of the car, she was an absolute angel at the vet office. The vet and the vet techs fell in love with her immediately.

Molly did not yelp, squeal, or even put up a fuss as they gave her shots. We worked on "sitting" for treats. She was given a full round of shots, heart worm prevention medication, and was treated for hookworms. She was also treated with flea/tick topical medication. So, she's the picture of beauty and health. The vet gave us a free bag of Science Diet Puppy food, which is much better than the stuff she was getting from the previous owner.

If you just don't have room for a puppy in your life right now, but want to help, please consider sending Holly and Jim a few bucks via paypal towards getting Molly spayed. They have their own pets and other rescues they're looking after right now, and every little bit helps. I got my own kitty from them and know them well enough to vouch for them. They are good people!

Please check Holly's LJ (http://cerisehaze.livejournal.com/) for updates, and click here to donate!


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