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Apr. 6th, 2006 07:46 pm
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Please, please, please do not grace Cache boutique with your patronage.

A student in our dorm (quiet, VERY driven, and the nicest of nice girls) ordered a dress from them for prom. She's tallish and athletic (and self conscious about being "big" that way) and when the dress arrived, it fit, but was too short. So, she took her invoice and drove out to the local store, and ordered the next size up, hoping to have it altered in the waist. That was last Thursday. The first order had taken 2 days to arrive, so she kept waiting and waiting, and since Prom is this weekend, she called them at lunchtime today.

They had cancelled the order, WITHOUT NOTIFYING HER. They gave no reason, and, understandably, she was so upset and rattled that she hardly knew how to respond. Now, she wants to just not go because she's so agitated. We, the dorm mommies are staying out of it (officially), but have encouraged her friends to talk to her about still going. I left my black ball skirt up with one of my advisees (the two girls were going together with their dates) in hopes that they might talk her into shopping tomorrow-- to give her more options.

There is no excuse for cancelling the order without notification and no excuse for treating her with disdain (she has a parent-issued CC and was the one who placed the order). Please do NOT give them your business.

Rant off.


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