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Yesterday, I prepped and froze some eggplant, treadmilled, then washed a little laundry, but the main feature was a late afternoon burst of activity (post-yoga---- connection?):

Finished the woven straps for a wool bag for myself (a rarity)
Made & downloaded a playlist of songs we've been discussing for a tribal BD workshop in August
Patterned and sewed the wool outer layer for a Viking hood for an SCA swap
Started on the linen inner lining for same
Finally sewed the straps on the wool bag and then the linen lining into the bag
Folded a ton of linens I'd washed, dried, and thrown on the loveseat
Hung up a bunch of clothes, I'd washed, dried, folded, and left out
Hung up some new clothes I got in a 'buy 1 get 3' sale

However, I didn't sleep well. And I jerked awake this morning to the realization that I think I left something by my car Friday (I can't be sure...it's sort of a vague recollection, and maybe it's a weird dream? IDK.) and never dealt with it.

Today, I need to unload the dishwasher, maaaaybe do some baking, pack a bag to visit my sister, do another load of laundry (mostly underthings), and go by my parents' house either before or after a bday party. I have no idea how homemakers do it.
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